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European Heat Pump KEYMARK Scheme
                                                        Certificate of Conformity Assessment
                                                        Certificate holder
                                                                     Via Trozzetti 20
                                                                     36061 Bassano Del Grappa

                                                                     Hefei, Anhui and Shunde, Foshan, P.R. China
                                                        Manufacturing Site
                                                                     Heat Pumps
                                                                     Outdoor Air to Water Heat Pump
                                                        Product Type
                                                                     AURIGA 4/6-A
                                                        Sub-type and Models
                                                                     Auriga 4 M-A
                                                                     Auriga 6 M-A

                                                                     EN 14511:2018
                                                        Testing basis
                                                                     EN 14825:2018
                                                                     EN 12102:2017
                                                                     KEYMARK Certification Scheme for Heat Pumps (2022)

                                                        Mark of conformity   BAXI S.p.A.

                                                        Registration number   041-K023-01
                                                        Right of use   This  certificate  entitles  the holder  to  use the mark  of  conformity  shown above in
                                                                     conjunction with the specified Registration number. This certificate is maintained and
                                                                     held in force through periodic review and verification.
       Pompe di calore aria-acqua monoblocco                           See Heat Pump KEYMARK database for detailed information
       inverter monofase e trifase                                   for BRE Global Ltd.     Laura Critien   18 March 2022
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                                                                                 Team Manager
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                                                                     is Issued subject to Terms and Conditions.
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       Auriga e Auriga Compact                                       To check the validity of this certificate please visit
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